How to train employees at the restaurant

Training your employees properly plays an important part in the success of your restaurant because food service is the kind of a business in which you have to directly communicate with your customers,so your staff must be attentive to customers demands.Not only this,but training is needed in all the functioning areas of the restaurant from the quality of foods to the speed of service.Here is the list to help you out.
When you are going to hire employees to work for you, the first thing you need is to analyze and make a list about how many departments will be in your restaurant and in each department how many employees are needed for the job. Yeah that is right that skills can be taught and experience can be developed but the main thing you need is the raw talent because this is the one thing which is difficult to come by so start hiring the right people for the right jobs. Make sure the people you are hiring will be aligned with the goals and culture of your business, Observe them well for this reason by observing their anger, attitude and behavior past experience and the potential new candidates because it will ultimately reduce your turnover cost. It is said that
"thoughtfully choosing the individuals you hire will help reduce the dreaded 'T' word, turnover"
Now you have hired the right people for the job .Make the orientation program as the first step towards the training program. Introduce your new staff about your restaurant and make them familiar about your restaurant's environment, mission, culture ,structure, general rules and regulations and expectations of the company so that they can visualize themselves as the part of the company. It is a great time to start because whatever you present to themselves at that time, they will picture that on their mind. Start this process by explaining them about the general duties and responsibilities of the position, functioning of the different departments and cover the important questions and answers about their role so that they have an idea about what they will do.Training must be conducted of the employess & the trainer must have a training manual as well and the trainer should also be trained so that he is clear that how to teach and to whom to teach.
Training sessions
Now going from general to more specific would be to explain individuals about their job duties depending on their job description and this can be done by many ways like demonstrating them through training videos in which they have to learn about the new recipes, and they have to write and learn the recipe as well.This visual technique helps a lot for the trainees and you can make sure if they had learned or not by taking quizzes and tests. You can also provide audio training as well because they are prevalent part of your formal presentation.
Shadowing is also an interpersonal form of demonstration, this method involves trainees following around a mentor while the mentor performs his regular job duties. The trainer can also instruct his employees in which no demonstration is given to the employees and verbal or written directions are provided to the trainees as to how to accomplish a task.
Supervised performance is also helpful in which the trainees receive hand-on experience by being actively supervised by the trainer ,this method is good as the trainer receives the direction and tips for what to do and how to do and the steps that are challenging are guided by the trainer.Active participation is needed on the part of both the trainer and the trainee which increase information retention.
The trainee must get different types of trainings like menu training in which the staff gets the first look and taste of the products and see them how each menu is garnished and presented.In the service-practice shifts ,the trainee does the tableside ,food service in the assistant of the trainer.A written test over general orientation material and the service-related issues is common at the completion of this step.
Group training
The one thing you should do is to train employees in the group.It would be beneficial in many ways instead of training one by one or individually..It will also help in reducing the cost of hiring the third party if you hire a third party consulting firm to conduct your training session ,it will most likely charge per hour or per day for the time the trainers spend at your office .so if the training session is conducted in the group you can reduce the consulting cost. Moreover if you train them in group employees can learn more by hearing the questions asked by co-worker than would training on their own.You must train your employees well to reduce any mishap.

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Feb 2016 , Feb 12
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