Our Services

CafeSquad offers set of bundled tools that help you manage your small restaurant bar coffee shop or GIPHY business in excellent digital world the goal of for businesses to help small businesses grow their customer base and increase their revenue and create their own line presence solidified all my presents in it want to small business in the restaurant industry to engage deal with the customers get feedback directly since you have a customer going and yelling at anyone look for him they get connected directly with the business owner or the manager ONDEMAND HELP OnDemand workforce for your Tables. Hire or be hired at the restaurant, bar and cafe of your choice for anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours. Enjoy the OnDemand lifestyle with flexibility. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT CafeSquad helps you to engage customers with Loyalty Club, happy hours, social media and promoting daily specials. It is a way of making your lifestyle better and easier. CafeSquad delivers restaurant special offering directly via email, text and fax messages to interested customers. MARKETING via WEB, SOCIAL & APPS As part of packages clients get a bundle of digital products, the products are offered from wide range of templates however custom solutions are also offered as per customer need. CafeSquad digital package include: Fully Customized WebSite Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Reviews & Reputation Management Instant Digital Promotion of Coupons, Happy Hours, Daily Specials & Events Unlimited Online Orders Loyal Customers Club Customer Reservations Events Announcements

Web Development

We create unique websites that stand out from the crowd. We combine professional design skills with a deep understanding of your business and brand to produce the best possible restaurant website.

Creative Design

Our wide range of design solutions take your business to the next level.At Ukuze, we pride ourselves in being branding and corporate identity specialists.

Online Marketing

Grow your business with online marketing tool. Marketing is about keeping your customers engaged with your brand. It will promote your business and website.

Restaurant Consulting

We offer a full suite of restaurant marketing services & tools that drive more customers to your business. We take out the mystery and make restaurant marketing easy.

CafeSquad Packages

  • Customized subscription based on business revenue.
  • On Demand help for diverse set of business needs.
  • Services packaged solution for business owners.

Silver Package

The silver package continues on a montly basis.

Platinum Package

$1299/2 Year
The platinum package requires upfront 2 yrs Payment Prepay.

Every Plan Includes:

  • Website Package  Fully Customized Website
  • Seo Optimization  Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Markeeting  Social Media Marketing
  • Reviews & Reputation Management  Reviews & Reputation Management
  • Order Cart  Unlimited Online Orders
  • Loyal Customer Detial  Loyal Customers Club
  • Customer Reservation  Customer Reservations
  • Digital Promotion Of Coupons Bitecart  Instant Digital Promotion of Coupons, Happy Hours, Daily Specials & Events
  • Order Cart  Text and Email Promotion
  • Loyal Customer Detial  Fax Broadcast
  • Customer Reservation  Customer Services Improvement
  • Digital Promotion Of Coupons Bitecart  Business Research & Strategy Development


Hundreds of grateful customers. Of course we believe in client's satisfaction. This is how we enjoy what we do.