Why OnDemand Workers ?

Our Mission is to help the restaurant owners achieve their revenue goal utilized our bundled service packaged and help them grow their business. Easy to use features of CafeSquad along with OnDemand help from our support team makes CafeSquad an ideal solution for restaurant owners.
Restaurant workers are always in demand and staffing will always be needed in the food service business. Temp staff is needed to cook, serve, deliver and clean up after the customer has finished their meal. That's why chefs, cooks, bartenders, waiters, drivers and waitresses will always be in demand for restaurant temp jobs. CafeSquad have solved the challenge by connecting workers and manager via app in real time.

How It Works !


Download CafeSquad mobile app and create your profile.


Upload documents and pictures supporting the skills and experience. Select from available CafeSquad openings.


Provides full restaurant details and select open temp worker needs.


Flexibility for workers to set their own preference and schedule. Managers enjoy to pick from a large pool of available workers.

A solution for permanent employee backfill in case of illness, vacation, maternity or disability leave, sudden departure.

Best way to handle unexpected or temporary demands, special events, seasonal or peak periods, employee shortages.

Rating and evaluation of worker, manager and restaurant.


The engagements are temporary and will last from 1 hour to maximum 8 hours in a single transaction.

No benefits as each worker in independent contractor responsible to manage his or her healthcare and other benefits.