Employee motivation in Restaurants

Employee motivation in any business is necessary for employee retention and to reduce the turnover rates but in the hospitality industry like restaurants, the turnover rates are extremely high because the people who mostly work in the fast -food restaurants, often choose this employment as short-term employment while they pursue education or other employment.The managers and owners in this industry choose different motivation factors to reduce the turnover rates and to produce the higher quality and more productive work results. Motivating your employees is not easy , but is extremely important .No single method work for every employee because every employee is different
It is said that "To win the marketplace you must first win in the workplace"
Salary and wages
To retain your good employees in the industry. the first thing you should do is to observe your employees to learn about what thing motivates them.Well the most obvious reason that any front line employee would leave the restaurant will be the wage as restaurant front line employees mostly get low wages.
Deliver regular performance review of all the employees. Provide constructive feedback and encourage employees to continue to work with passion and tell them that if they continue to work with enthusiasm, then after six to seven month they can expect that their salary will increase.
Career advancement or growth
The second reason which can lead to motivate the employees could be promotion and growth in the organization and in the restaurant you can do it by observing the skills of the employees and by assigning them extra task and keep motivating them.As employees complete extra tasks and you may find that worker as a beneficial for the restaurant, you can recognize this extra task and can promote him.
Hierarchy in any organization is necessary because that shows that your company is structured.Titles help employees feel successful as they advance up the ladder of hierarchy in the restaurants. Observe your employees carefully that which employee has potential, skills and enterprising attitudes and if you find that right person, promote them into management position.
Good working condition and hours
Good working condition and working hours also plays an important role in motivating employees as you see the employees which you hire in your restaurant can be of different age. Some may be full time students and part time hospitality workers and their focus would be school, not organization.In other words the employees in the restaurant are diverse in nature ,household wives are also included in this ,so your job is to observe who is good when he performs the job in part time or full time.You can provide good working condition by proving flexible hours so that the employees can stay longer .
Management behavior
You can motivate your employees by developing an open dialogue policy between employees and management. Encourage employees to share their ideas as to how to improve services ,their goals, and both negative and positive feedback of your restaurant and how to improve them.When you listen to your employees ideas and give importance to their feedback, employees will feel valued that their ideas are encouraged and this will create as a sense of belongingness in them as a result, they will be motivated and will perform high quality work.
"when people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute"
One more method can be when employees face any problem or issue during work that they think can't be solved by them and ask you to help them.You should respond to their problems and issues.Empathetic environment in any organization is necessary and a key to success,they are more likely to trust the management and will feel like a valued part of the company.
Recognition also plays an important part in the motivation factor, if any employee has earned you more customers than the other with his good servic,e you can institute an incentive such as naming an employee of the month. Each month the management should select an employee who shows exceptional work or energetic work habits. Hang the photograph of the employee in the prominent position or provide him a paid day of and use different kinds of recognition methods.
Interesting work
Interesting work also plays an important part in motivating employees, when you are hiring someone for the job, ask him about his interest that what kind of work he would like to do the most.When your employee is performing his work, observe him by giving him different kinds of work and if he do one work better than the other, then give them his favorite duty.
Job security
Job security also plays an important part of motivation because a if person feels secure in his work, he will be more likely to do and trust his management .If your employee wants leave for 2 days, then you should provide him leave or help him in his difficult situation.Sympatric help with personal problems will also help him in keeping motivation.
Intrinsic or extrinsic reward also plays an important part in keeping your employees motivated .Extrinsic rewards are usually tangible given by managers to his workers such as raises,bonuses,benefits etc.Intrinsic rewards are internal rewards like recognition of work, appreciation.It is up to you to decide which reward would motivate different employees.

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