Why OnDemand Workers ?

Restaurant workers are always in demand and staffing will always be needed in the food service business.

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OnDemand Workforce

OnDemand workforce for your Tables. Hire or be hired at the restaurant, bar and cafe of your choice for anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours. Enjoy the OnDemand lifestyle with flexibility.


Engage Customers

CafeSquad helps you to engage customers with loyal club, happy hours, social media and promoting daily specials. It is a way of making your lifestyle better and easier.


Increase Revenue

CafeSquad helps to increase revenue by online ordering and reservation. It is entirely built on the User-friendly and easy-to-handle features

CafeSquad Packages

Silver Package

The silver package continues on a montly basis.

Platinum Package

$1299/2 Year
The platinum package requires upfront 2 yrs Payment Prepay.

Every Plan Includes:

  • Website Package  Fully Customized Website
  • Seo Optimization  Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Markeeting  Social Media Marketing
  • Reviews & Reputation Management  Reviews & Reputation Management
  • Order Cart  Unlimited Online Orders
  • Loyal Customer Detial  Loyal Customers Club
  • Customer Reservation  Customer Reservations
  • Digital Promotion Of Coupons Bitecart  Instant Digital Promotion of Coupons, Happy Hours, Daily Specials & Events
  • Digital Tv Menu  Digital TV Menu
  • Technical Support  Technical Support
  • Discount Menu Design Details  Discounted Menu Design
  • On Demand Help 50% off  OnDemand Help & Hiring