Brand Identity Of Restaurant

Every business has its specific name and logo which reflects its vision and purpose. The marketing introduce a phenomenon called “BRANDING” which the activity is concerning with the design of logo, name, identity etc. In restaurant industry a restaurant is known by its unique name and its design. It means branding contribute to make a restaurant distinctive from its competitors.
It is concerned with the appearance and visibility of a restaurant. Brand identity can be defined as the visible elements that identify a brand and distinguish it from others. The visual elements of a brand are name, logo, design, colours, theme, tagline, slogan or mark etc.
What is brand identity for a restaurant?
Obviously restaurants are most known business with increasing competition. So it is very important to make your restaurant known to every person in the town. Here comes the brand identity, which plays a vital role in making a restaurant known to people.
The name of a restaurant always defines its food like “Pizzeria”, “Kabob”, “Sushi”, “Indian”, “ Chinese”, “Turkish”, “Italian” etc are some common words that are mostly part of restaurant name. If a hotel is giving poor quality food, yet it has retained and grab its customers it means it has a strong brand image and identity because customers never want to have a tasteless food but they will go to a high class restaurant just to show a class. This can also helps you to create customer loyalty.
According to a research:
Brand identity is concrete and appeals to the senses. A strong brand stands out in a densely crowded marketplace. People fall in love with brands, trust them, and believe in their superiority.
“A brand is the way a business can be personified in customer minds.”
A restaurant can make its place in customers mind through appropriate branding and can attract potential customers. As hospitality industry focus on lifestyle, status and class, so it is very important for every hotel to brand itself to make its identity and make a high social status. Customers go to restaurants, not just to eat, but to feel and enjoy a class. They want to gain self actualization. So the visual images, brand name and taglines and design it with creativity. As Thomas J. Watson Jr said:
“Good design is good business.”
How to design a brand identity for a restaurant?
It is much difficult to design and make a good brand identity for your restaurant, but we know that nothing is impossible.
Here are some suggestions to build a brand identity for restaurant:
- Define the vision of restaurant clearly.
- Design the theme of a restaurant.
- Choose attractive colours to make the design of logo and marks according to the theme.
- Select different names for restaurant and then choose the one that match with the design.
- Differentiate your logo and design.
- Use characters i.e KFC and STARBUCKS.
- Use unique images and signs.
- Make an attractive brand look and feel.
- Understand marks like letterforms, word marks (MacDonald’s), emblems, pictorial marks etc.
Characteristics of good brand identity:
- It should be unique and recognizing.
- It should be culturally specific.
- It should be dynamic.
- It must attract customers and make an emotional attachment with them.
- It should be sophisticated and beautiful.
If you want to design your logo or to have a distinguished brand name stay and a strong position in the industry, we will help you in designing and altering your design, sign and logo. Stay connected to Bistro Services for all such features.

Bistro Services Researcher
March 2016 , March 8
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