Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality Industry

Customers are the core participant of every business. In case of hotel business, customers are the pillar of the whole business. It is very important to know what your customers say about your restaurants because the socialization is at its peak and people are communicating everything to their friends and peers. The word of mouth can make or break your business. A happy and satisfied customer will be source for good word of mouth and obviously customers can also do marketing.
Most of the businesses focus on the customers and they emphasize more on customer retention as compared to attracting new customers. The main factor here is “Customer Satisfaction”. There are different marketing strategies to create customer satisfaction. It is the best indicator of how many times a customer revisit your restaurant.
“Satisfaction is derived by the fulfilment of customers expectations against what they receive from organization’ (Akan, 1995).”
Customer satisfaction is built when restaurant’s employees are able to meet the customer expectation. To make a successful hotel business in the industry, it is not enough to attract new customers but one has to retain the existing customers. The customers can only be retained if they are satisfied with your products and services. The customer satisfaction depends on number of factors like quality of food and services, price etc.
Different researches show that when customer expectations are fulfilled, then customer satisfaction also improves which create customer loyalty which leads to good brand image of your restaurant. The satisfied customers not only want a smiley service or a please or thankyou behaviours from the hotel manager but they also want supreme experiences with an excellent service. It is very important to provide consistent services to customers because they always expect what you promise to them.
The satisfaction is an attitude or valuation that is produced by the customer contrasting their pre-purchase expectations of what they will get from the product or service to their perception of the performance they actually did receive (Oliver, 1980). As Kotler (2000, p.36) explained that customer satisfaction is feelings of people’s happiness or unhappiness resulting from contrasting a product’s apparent performance in relation to his or her expectation.
Moreover satisfaction is a cumulative result of perceived thoughts, evaluation of an experience and reactions to those experiences Yi (1990).It is the best indicator of future income of a restaurant. The basic goal of a restaurant is to meet the customer’s need.
There are different factors that affect customer satisfaction. These are:
- Customer expectations
- Customer experience
- Word Of Mouth
- Perceived value
- Product or service quality
- Brand name and Brand image etc.
The research shows that perceived value and service quality are the most important factors that should be included in the construct of customer satisfaction in hotel business. Employees have to do effort to encourage customer satisfaction through major contributions in providing quality food with best services.
Here are some suggestions which help you to retain and satisfy your customers:
- Try to publish some content or blogs on your website which help customers and educate them.
- Build a direct communication and feel them more like a home.
- Send your latest offers through e-mails.
- Design surveys to listen customers or to get their views.
- Get customer feedback when they are about to leave restaurant.
- Use some differentiation or cost cutting strategies.
If you satisfy your customers, it will take your business to the top. Stay connected with Bistro Services and get more ideas to create customer satisfaction!!!!

Bistro Services Researcher
March 2016 , March 2
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