Five ways to improve the restaurant business by providing quality service

Everything requires quality.If you need to improve your restaurant business, then you have to improve the services of the restaurant. From the customer's perspective, they go to restaurant only for food. But according to Gallup study in 2011, when people eat out, they want to have an amazing experience of dining out with their families. According to some study, people like to go to only those place where they feel happy and get respect from others. Also customers like to spend more money on those restaurants, where they are greeted warmly and treated with respect and care by the restaurant staff. The restaurant manager and restaurant staff are responsible for the care and giving the respect to their customers. The customers must feel satisfied after their dining experience at your restaurant. Some restaurants hire some consultants for advice. Bistro services is one of the best restaurant service providers, like restaurant consultancy service providers, restaurant menu designing services, restaurant menu development services, restaurant website development services, restaurant web designing services, restaurant online marketing services etc.
Effective customer service techniques
It is important to train the employees in a professional manner and not in normal way of food handling and safety procedures. Encourage your employees to improve their customer care services, which must be better than basic customer services. The concept of care includes the simple steps like looking into the eyes of customers, give the customers smile and greeting them properly. Anticipating the needs of the customers like refilling their drinks or water, or bring extra napkin for the customers who order oily food that could make fingers messy. Timing is another big issue, customers want to get the service quickly. Promptly serve drinks and appetizers, try to minimize the time between courses and don’t ask customers to clear the table and let the customers to finish their meal. The way you serve the food to the customer is also important. If you give your customers importance, then they will feel happy and satisfied with the services of restaurant. If the cleanliness of the restaurant is not appropriate, obviously customers will consider that the kitchen of the restaurant will be same. Focus more on cleanliness and bring new designing trends.If needed,remake the menu of the restaurant. If restaurant achieve the customer's confidence by offering them effective and amazing customer services, the restaurant can easily get more profit. Loyal customers are always profitable for the restaurant. If restaurant provide good quality food and excellent customer service, it can easily get success.
Make policies about the attire of employees
The way restaurant staff present themselves, it reflects the restaurant as a whole, so reinforce some laws for them. Establish new laws and policies for the employees, like employees must be neat and clean but they should have some attire sense that includes hair and makeup etc. Train the employees that being friendly and casual doesn’t mean being overly familiar with the customers. For example, employees can’t speak with the customers like ‘’hun’’ or ‘’you guys’’ this gesture is not acceptable in any type of restaurant. If an employee feel it is necessary to be friendly with the customers, then they must know the code of conduct and try to solve the problems camly. For example, if a customer says that his food is not cooked evenly, take the food back to the kitchen and cook it little longer. If customer’s ordered meal is delayed or order forgotten, they must quickly involve the manager with the customer to offer them free meal or order them another food or chose some other way to make it right.
Know the areas which require improvement
Restaurant manager or owner must observe the servers or waiter staff interaction with the customers. Check the areas where the employee is doing well and also those potential areas where they need improvement. The changes you want the employees to incorporate, can be helping female customers to seat or suggesting appropriate choices for young patrons, when there is no child menu offered. Encourage employees to share the ideas about improvement.Always praise those employees who are taking steps for the improvement and help the customers in selecting their food or those who engages with the customers positively. Give rewards to best servers, it will boost their confidence level and they will work more enthusiastically.
Talk with your employees daily
Talk with your employees daily. Try to know their problems and issues. Try to resolve those issues. Ask employees for their feedback on different restaurant’s issues. Ask the employees to think like a customer and tell how they experience the customer services of this restaurant, would they like to recommend this restaurant to their friends or family members.If yes, ask them why yes, if not, ask them why not. According to some study, the most important service, which customer observe is customer service. No matter how delicious your restaurant’s food is, if the customer service of the restaurant is not good, customers will never visit the restaurant.

Bistro Services Researcher
May 2016 , May 06
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