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Nowadays, social media is getting a trend and the fastest growing among them is Facebook. So if you promote your restaurant or product on facebook, it can result in great profitability. Every person from young to old uses facebook. And it can turn out to be a great tool to communicate with them. Facebook promotional campaign that work and attract attention do so because they are funny ,lighthearted, visually compelling and designed for easy sharing.
The cost of advertising on facebook is really low. You can create a free page on facebook and if you want to boost your fan following, you have to pay a little amount for that, otherwise it is totally free. And who doesn't want something for free specially when it will turn out to be in a huge profit for you? In case of a restaurant, they become easily become over promotional, but the best facebook ideas find the right mix of humor, information, customer service and special offers. Facebook pages can engage customer, target advertising prospects, build a strong internet presence, enable easy social sharing on the restaurant's regular website and provide a useful forum for sampling public opinion and offers customers a place to complain, praise and communicate.
Facebook marketing best practices include posting your menu on facebook and ensuring that you are talking to local people. Using geo targeting, social-ad targeting and local email lists for your posts, ensure that you reach your audience. Tailor your message to target audience. Identify your concept and niche for people who might not know much about your restaurant, but do it sufficiently. Interact with customers, offer timely posts and make sure that customers can find your restaurant using facebook search tools.
The advantage can also be that you can talk to your customers and interact with them directly. In this way you will be able to know that what are the needs of the customers and what changes do you need to bring in your restaurant.You are there to provide to your costumers so through facebook you can get a good idea about what they want. They will love it when they will get a quick response through facebook.Take an example: a multinational chain opens up in US, despite all their research, they don't have full idea about what the people want so what happens? what happens is that they enter the world of facebook and start interacting with people about their wants and needs and likes and dislikes and they ask people about their feedback. People who have tried them give them their feedback and others tell them what they want .At the end what happens is that people love them and their sales start increasing and unlimited profitability all because they chose a platform like facebook to interact with their customers.
With the help of facebook it gets really easy to penetrate in the market.Your brand gets visibility in the market and the costumers starts to know about you. Facebook is a great platform for you to create awareness among the customers and let them know about you. People are eager to find new places to go out to and if you want them to come to you let them know that you exist through facebook. If you are attracting them in the right way, everyone who comes to facebook and sees you there will definitely come to you.
Keeping a customer's back and knowing what they want is really important. What other platform can provide you this facility to that other than facebook? If a customer knows that even if you couldn't get up to their hopes for the first time but by their feedback on facebook you will provide them what they want next time.
The marketing costs decrease by using facebook as a promotional tool. If you don't have a big marketing budget, facebook is your platform.The cost is really low if you are using facebook as a promotional tool. People all around the world use facebook and if you are using it as a promotional tool, you get promotion not only in your own boundaries but all over the world. Restaurants need customers from everywhere and whoever seeks good food.We have a platform which can give us free advertising opportunities then why not avail it? You should use facebook as a promotional tool because it can help you increase customer’s insight and let you know what's going in people's mind about you and what you should do to get in their good books.Not only that, you have to keep the good impression even after that. Interact with the customers and tell them about your new promotions and what new things you are introducing and also keep getting their feedbacks after that, so that you can provide the best quality every time.
Using facebook in the right way, you can multiply your profitability within no time. If this promotional tool is used only and there is no use of any other promotional, tool even then the profitability can be increased.
You can use humor, visuals and behind the scenes information even if it's not 100 percent flattering. It will create a great impact on the audience. You can use other promotional marketing ideas like memes, soft sell ideas and photos of food, facebook is just a great tool for telling people how great your food is, instead of writing thousand words about your food. Just put a picture of your food with putting great effects of visual. You can also encourage your customers to share photos and generate interest in your restaurant.
You can also use other social media websites but the benefit of facebook is that it reaches most people.

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March 2016 , March 2
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