Common exterior design and facilities mistakes in restaurant which should be avoided

Well it should be kept in mind while designing your restaurant that the overall impression that a person gets from a place is the first thing he ever notices about the restaurant and that is the external view of the place. The goal of any restaurants exterior design should be to communicate what your restaurant have to offer on the outside of your building so it should be well communicated because people on the street or sidewalk will develop brand recognition and expectation according to the exterior design of our restaurant.Here are some of the common exterior design mistakes and how it should be properly done and avoided.
Restaurant signage
Some restaurant just don't capitalize much on a great location with signage which is the most important part of the restaurant's marketing because your restaurant's signs are the first thing people will see when they pass by or come to your restaurant. It should be visible all the time day or night and should be unique and easily identified.
Insufficient parking
Some restaurants don't give much space for the parking area because of which the customers have to park their cars far away and that becomes the reason they stop coming to that restaurant. Your parking lot should be clearly made for your customers. If you are open after sunset, your parking area should be fully illuminated to keep customers safe at night.
colors also play an important role in the exterior design of your restaurant, bright, colorful tones are often indicative of quick service establishments. They are visible and recognizable from a distance. And are enough to recognize.So it is wise that your restaurant should present a fairly consistent theme in all of its design.
Outdoor menu
If you have no board of menu outside or if you are leaving an old, tired, faded menus outside, they are reflecting the concept.If people are looking at the outside menu of your restaurant, it's because they are unfamiliar of your restaurant and want to know about their favorites food and prices.So it is better to hang a clean ,updated menu outside to bring new customers into your restaurant.
It's all about exteriors
Mostly restaurants just build a big plain buildings which really don't attract any customer as they only give an office look to your restaurant. But the restaurant's which spend more on the exteriors definitely gets more customers. It is always better to beautify your building. .A fresh coat of paint, fresh grass, clean windows, light bulbs and so on, make a huge difference in what potential customers perceive of your restaurant.
Not only this, you should also make landscaping area very attractive, like the plant, rocks and other decoration in your landscaping should match your restaurant concept.These little things have a lot of importance in them so care for these things when making decisions about your restaurant.
Restaurant name and location
Proper place selection also plays an important role in getting customers. So choose your location carefully. If you have opened a big restaurant with huge opening but the place is far away from the city how can you expect the customers to get in? Similarly if your restaurant name doesn't specify or convey its message through name ,the customers wouldn't know about your restaurant.
Outdoor dining
The restaurant which provide outside dining usually gets more customers than the restaurant which don't because offering an outdoor eating area will attract customers, especially when the weather is nice.Different people have different minds, so if you choose to provide outside dining area with outdoor table, seating and umbrellas or screen for shade,it is definitely going to attract more customers because they will be able to enjoy more through the ambiance.
Unsightly service areas available to customer
Some restaurant's usually lose their customers because they are too lazy to clean garbage or their garbage is seen by their customers.Make sure this is always hidden. Place trashcan in the discreet location just outside your front door so customers can dispose off their garbage.
These were the ideas which should be taken care off when making a decision about your exterior design of your restaurant.

Bistro Services Researcher
Feb 2016 , Feb 22
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