Build A Brand For Your Restaurant

In modern era due to globalization, the boundaries are shrinking due to which there is intense competition in hospitality industry. There is a very tough competition in restaurants due to increasing trends in tourism. There are many challenges for every restaurant to get success and fame in recent years. The hotels are struggling to seek a high position in the hospitality industry.
Restaurant is a very well known business today. The people come to restaurant not only for good food but they also want some good experiences. They want to have classy experiences through which they can align their interests and passions. It is very important for every restaurant owner to think outside box. A good interior, elegant furniture and yummy food is worthless without a brand name. People choose the famous place to go for lunch in the town.
What is a brand?
“Brand is the unique name, identity, logo or a sign of a product or a company.”
To make your restaurant distinguished from other restaurants, you have to develop a brand for your restaurant. It is very complex process because there are many valuable aspects which are associated with a hotel brand, such as restaurant image, price, food and service quality, and restaurant success and recognition and customer loyalty. Every restaurant need good reputation which can be brought through an excellent brand name.
Jeff Bezos have said:
“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”
There are following things which you have to keep in mind while building your brand:
- Mission and vision of the business
- Goals of the business
- Policies of the restaurant
- Target customer
- Pricing strategy
- Position of your restaurant in the market
- Theme of the restaurant
A brand places a restaurant separate from its rivals and builds a corporate personality. It provides visual and emotional cues to customers when it does well. A well-built hotel brand expands across all divisions of the business, from the interior to the marketing designs. By creating a brand and using it to his benefit may give a restaurant a competitive edge.
There are some suggestions which will help you while creating a restaurant brand:
- A brand is a communication tool so try to make a simple one.
- A simple and easy name can be easy to remember.
- A brand name should reflect the good image of the restaurant with modern and fresh vibes.
- A good brand name is the one which automatically create a positive perception in customer’s mind.
- A brand name may give the overall experience of a place.
- Make a creative logo and sign.
- You may develop a slogan or tag lines for your restaurant brand.
- Try to use the colours that matches with the theme of the restaurant.
Now brand flag is becoming an essential element for setting up a hotel business. So you have to monitor how branding affects profits and performance of hotels and restaurants. By creating a set of guarantees to clients, a brand name makes a distinguished identity in hospitality business where functional features of the goods are not significantly distinguished. The fame of the restaurants and hotel organizations allow these businesses to perform better in distinguishing their brand and encouraging their services. Successful branding creates loyalty, customer satisfaction and perceived high quality.
In order to create a position in the hotel industry, an excellent brand name has to be designed through which customers are attracted and motivated. A perfect brand name and a well functioning hotel both can contribute to customer satisfaction. It will also help in creating and maintaining hotel recognition. From past few years, a brand image of hotel is one of the only thing that a hotel owner or its employees can control which affect customer’s decision-making.

Bistro Services Researcher
March 2016 , March 2
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