Brand Image Of Restaurant

What is a brand image?
“The brand image can be defined as the good or bad feelings of customers about the brand.”
The customer’s perception about a restaurant may be positive or negative. It depends on you how you develop it. There are different facts of a restaurant’s brand image which make it strong or weak. A strong hotel’s brand image attracts more customers towards it.
There are different factors that affect the image which may include outlook of a restaurant, responsiveness of staff, quality of food and reasonable pricing strategy. In addition creativity and uniqueness also helps in creating a positive image.
If you are successful in building a strong brand image in customer’s mind, they become satisfied with your restaurant services and willing to come to the restaurant. Hence a brand image might be responsible for creating customer satisfaction and to make customer loyalty towards the restaurant. As Davies et al. (2003) said that a positive or strong brand image can make customers satisfied.
According to Research:
A restaurant's image is a significant element of its success. Because if you build a positive image, it can influence reiterate visit because a strong restaurant image can lead to customer loyalty. Moreover, Schultz (2005) explains that customers which are loyal to a specific brand (restaurant) will suggest it to more people and are difficult to attracted by competitors to make visit them (in Sondoh et al., 2007).
An exceptional, complimentary and a strong image of a restaurant allow it to be smoothly distinctive and placed in customer’s psyche. So in this way you have opportunities to expand your restaurant business. The restaurant brand image is the association or affiliation of a customer with a specific restaurant due to their strong relationship with the restaurant.
How you can create strong brand image for your restaurant?
There are following requirements to build a strong restaurant brand image:
- Identify your potential customers.
- Determine specific aims and objectives of restaurants.
- Describe your restaurant brand personal.
- Use brand images, visuals, logos.
- Build up Key Messaging (customer experience).
- Design best marketing tools and techniques.
It is very important for every business to know about its potential customers to design the best marketing strategies that will help you to enhance your hotel business and to attract more customers. Moreover the business with an unclear or vague goal or objective can’t survive in long run and when we think about a “BRAND” the life of a business matters a lot. Because we can’t build a brand overnight. Hence it is necessary to clearly define goals and objectives of your restaurant.
After identifying your key customers and defining business goal there is an intense need to describe brand persona as it has characteristics that differentiate your restaurant from your competitors. The best way to distinguish your restaurant is by using creative designs, logo, name and slogan. This will help you to send messages and signals to customers. Then the “BRAND IMAGE” will be solidified and improved through finest marketing tools and strategies in future.
Benefits Of A Strong Restaurant Brand Image:
There are following benefits strong restaurant brand image:
- Create value proposition.
- Build Competitive Advantage.
- Improves customer perception and feedback.
- Reflect restaurant voice on social forums.
- Increase brand awareness.
- Create customer satisfaction.
- Increase customer loyalty etc.
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March 2016 , March 2
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