How to boost customer satisfaction in your restaurant

A business whether small or large, needs to be customer focused in order to survive.Especially if you are running a service sector, you have to make your customer satisfied in order to boost your revenue as well as for making business successful. Many people run business but fail to boost revenue because they are not selling what their customers want and if you are running a restaurant, you have to take a great care of little detailings because you don't know about every customer’s mind, that what could turn them off, because a satisfied customer is one who will come back again in your restaurant with more customers and the unsatisfied customer is one who may even snatch your potential customers. Well here are few tips regarding how you can boost your customer satisfaction.
If you want to know how happy your customers are with you, ask them directly. Develop an in depth survey which covers all the aspects about what they like and do not like about your restaurant, like from food quality to service quality . You can post that survey online or you can give it to diners when they are having dessert. And at the end of the survey, post an open ended question which asks them to give review asking "how we can improve our services"?This question gives advantage to both the customer and the owner as customer feels valued and he genuinely gives review and write his true feelings that what he didn't like or what he liked.Lets for say he can criticize about the food quality like too much salt in the meal should be reduced, and the owner can benefit from it if almost every customer writes the same thing, because customer feedbacks are the most important thing.
While food quality is important, you should remember your customer needs as the priority and at the forefront of every dining experience. Speak appropriately with them, you should greet your customers the minute they walk in the door ,using respectful titles lets for say, Good morning ma'am/sir, it will work well, don't interrupt when they are talking and when you are taking orders, be versed with the menu and repeat their orders to make sure you heard it right.
Etiquettes matter a lot, how do you serve and to whom do you serve first. Do you refill glasses .these all things, little detailings, matters a lot to them .Don't make them wait too long for the orders, because they don't care that you have a best qualified chef who makes best stakes, because you have already made them hungry and they are irritated from your behavior. And it can be counted as a negative turning point .So in order to avoid these things, you have to take care before it happen ,when they are ordering any menu let them know about meals which takes long in cooking and try to avoid disappointing them at any cost.
Use of proximity technology also plays an important part in customer satisfaction now a days in restaurant, when customers are waiting for the meal on their table, send them a quiz movie so that they can have their fun as well and provide a free wifi as well, and the person who win the quiz, can be rewarded by the restaurant with different offers and discount, this can make them extremely happy and they will return back to you as well next time.
You have to be patient with the customers even if you are right and they are wrong because excellent customer service plays an important part in winning their hearts specially when they come with complaints and problems ,because how hard you try something also goes wrong. So it is very important that you must deal with problems immediately, listen attentively to them without interrupting, acknowledge the mistake if you don't agree ,apologize and solve the problem.
It is often noted that restaurant which are kid friendly are often welcomed more by the customers, because if your child loves anything they start crying and if your restaurant environment is providing coloring sheets as a gift and some sort of toy then congrats !! because soon you are going to see you customer’s ranking going from 50 to 70 percent!
Check on your staff secretly by sending secret shopper on your day off to learn how employees are working ,you may be surprised to learn that service was not quite good or quick or friendly when you are not around. And monitor the attitude of your staff and motivate them because employee satisfaction also play an important part with customer satisfaction.You have to train and motivate them as well as provide bonus to them for their good work.
Surprise your customers with a bonus, premium, discount, coupon and the limited buy one get one free deals. Customers are observed to be more satisfied when they suddenly hear about bonus or gifts, so occasionally reward your loyal customers with bonus and gifts to keep them coming and remain more satisfied with you.
Your restaurant should have an air conditioner, cooler, heater and the clean environment must have halls for family and couples so that every customer remains satisfied with the interior of your restaurant,because a great ambiance, decor design plays an important part in customer satisfaction. Your restaurant must be a place where people love to visit and can sit comfortably.Today's young generation who puts a lot of pictures on social media, loves to take pictures in restaurant and upload it. So when they found your restaurant as a great place, they will be more satisfied from you and will love to visit your restaurant almost every day for getting fun and eating,so make sure to have an excellent seating environment and sceneries .
Never compromise on food and service quality because this is what keeps your customers satisfied. Bistro service is doing its best to make its customers satisfied and happy and doing everything possible it can do to make its customer satisfied because a great restaurant knows what customers mean to them, that is why they value customers more than anything.

Bistro Services Researcher
Feb 2016 , Feb 12
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